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WifiKill Pro APK Free Latest Version Download 2018

It is a blessing for us to have the WiFikill pro apk latest version which helps to control the complete wifi connections to increase the data speed, establishing the secure connections. You can get the access to the app through WiFikill pro apk free download instructions provided in the post.

About WifiKill Pro APKĀ 

The emergence of the smartphones has led every human being to learn the internet for the access of several applications. Without the web, now it has become impossible even to run the world. Today everything is available on the net, and therefore it is necessary for at least one member of the family to have access to the internet. Well, when every family member is using the internet, it is always a splendid idea to get a wifi connection for saving some bucks on the data.

If you have the wifi at your place, be it office or home, at least for once, you must have experienced the slow data connection or speed, or sometimes the data connection is lost, even when the wifi is working perfectly. What can be the reason for the data loss? The reasons are many, and one of them is multiple users in a single connection. The chances are, in one wifi connection, you have multiple users attached to it, and hence, the distribution of the data connectivity becomes the reason for the slow speed of the wifi connection.

wifikill pro 2017

For once, if you possess patience, you can ignore the speed of the wifi data. But if it happens several times, there is a need for the action. One solution is just replacing data Provider Company with the rival internet provider company; another solution is, just install the WiFikill pro apk latest version. The second option is much better than the first because it will not cost you dollars. The WiFikill pro apk latest version is the Android application which helps you to strengthen the wifi connection in your device. For now, we are focusing the app installation on the Android device.

The WiFikill Pro apk helps you to control the connections and entire wifi network. The app is the hack to manage the wifi network, blocking the unauthorised groups to access the data from your wifi, cutting out the people who are connected to your wifi bandwidth; even you can steal their bandwidth. The app works with the rooted Android devices, just in case if you are planning to download the WiFikill pro apk. The download and installation of the app are completely free; there are no charges for even to use the app.

Features About WifiKill Pro APK

You must be wondering that why we are praising and admiring the WiFikill pro apk latest version so much? Check out the reasons here:

  • The entire wifi network is under your control.
  • You can test the list of the connected people who are using your network
  • The upload and download data transfer rate can be reviewed
  • Collect the bandwidth of all the users who are connected to your wifi.
  • For the particular device, you can kill the connection of your wifi with it.
  • The WiFikill pro apk latest version works on every device- PC and tablet.

WiFikill pro apk becomes your portable wifi router which can manage everything automatically. These are just the highlights of the app, yet there is more functionality which performs the great tasks to control the wifi connection for your network.

Download WifiKill Pro APK 2017

You can download the WiFikill pro apk from any other website, providing the free download links for the installation, but we are not sure are they offering the WiFikill pro apk latest version link. Here, you will get the WiFikill pro apk latest version which is v2.3.2. In this version, you can enjoy:

wifikill pro apk latest version

  • Gathering the information about the connected devices
  • Check the data usage
  • The latest version works on tablets and PC
  • The app supports the 4+ Android versions.

Installation of WifiKill Pro APK 2017

If these benefits do not excite you to download the WiFikill pro apk latest version, then surely you can switch to other websites. The readers, who are curious to get the access to the WiFikill pro apk latest version, check out the download and installation instructions given below. Before you proceed for the free download of WiFikill pro apk, it will be better to check whether your Android device is rooted or not, because the app works with the rooted devices.

Download Link

  • Foremost, start the WiFikill pro apk free download from the direct link which is provided here. The download link is safe and secure to open.

direct download link of wifikill pro apk

Change Device Settings

  • Now, while the file is getting downloaded, you will have to make some changes in the device settings. Open settings> security> unknown sources. For the successful installation, you will have to enable the unknown sources option.

unable unknown sources

Began Installations

  • Now get the access to the downloaded apk file and start the installation process.

Follow Instructions

  • Within few minutes, after following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions, the WiFikill pro apk latest version will be installed in the device.

Launch App

  • After the app is installed, launch the WiFikill pro apk in the device

Give Root Access

  • Give the root access, after the app asks for the rooting permission

Start Scanning

  • Now start scanning the connected devices to your network. The list will be on your screen.

One Click to Kill

  • If you want to cut the connection, select the device for the one you want to take such action and click on the kill button

Collect the Bandwidth

  • If you want to collect the bandwidth, then click on grab option

Click on Kill All Option

  • To get rid of every connection to your network, click on kill all option

How to Use WifiKill Pro APK? (Video Steps)


We have provided the every detail about the WiFikill pro apk latest version for the Android device. In fact, along with the WiFikill pro apk free download instructions, we have included the user guideline too, so that you do not have to search anywhere else on the web. You can share the post with your friends on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google.

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