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Super Mario Run Mod Apk Latest Version Download 2018

The developers of the super Mario game are back with the mobile game version for the smartphone users. The super Mario is the modded version of the game for the Android users. To know more about how super Mario run apk mod can be downloaded on the device, read the entire post here.

About Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Take me back to those days when saving the princess on the Super Mario game was the only goal of life. Probably the lines you must have come across, and in fact, you have even thought about it once. Earlier, the Mario game was introduced to the video games, the game cassettes. The game was the instant hit, and it had become one of the top grossing games during the time. Now the developers are back with the same game but a different version. The super Mario run game now is available on the smartphones, starting with the iOS and then on other OS platforms. The best childhood memory is back now. The players who can associate with the game will get the article about what we are sharing here, the new generation people, try your hands once on the game and come back to us with the awesome reviews.

super Mario run mod apk super Mario run apk mod download

The gameplay is same, getting through all the odds and saving the princess. If you remember the game carefully, for every successful move and the mushrooms, you earned the points in the mode of coins. Unlike the old game play, the smartphone game version allows the Mario to move constantly in the forward direction, jumping off the cliffs and mountains, eating the mushrooms to grow up and collecting the coins. For the smartphone version, you will have to remember two things:

  • Tap to jump
  • Hold in order to jump higher

Since the super Mario run game allows to collect the limited coins during the specific time, the super Mario run mod apk will let you collect the unlimited coins which will make the in-app purchases free. The super Mario run mod apk is the third party application for the Android users providing the access of the entire game. For the super Mario run apk mod download on the Android device, you will have to access the direct download links available on the web and also here in the post. The reason for this; unlike the original game, the super Mario run mod apk developer team do not want to limit the access to the specific countries or locations.

Features of Super Mario Run Mod Apk

We would rather call it as benefits because after installing the super Mario run mod apk, we do not think we have come down on the scoreboards. There are three mods available for the game; we will share the features of each, one by one:

super mario run mod apk features

World Tour

In the super Mario run mod apk world tour version, apart from unlimited coins and money, you can:

  • Go through the six worlds having the featured 24 new courses.
  • Explore the castles, airships, ghost house, paints, Caverns and many other great adventurous explorations.
  • With the stylish moves and jumps, you can save the princess Peach from the clutches of the Bowser.

Toad Rally

In the toad rally mod, you will:

  • Face the different locations and background every time you began the level.
  • Customise the Mario moves and jumps.
  • You can even challenge and compete with other online players at the global level.
  • As you keep collecting the coins, the toads will cheer you, and if you have been nice to them during the entire game, they may even stay with you in the castle.
  • Get the rally ticket first to play the toad rally mode in the game. You can earn the rally tickets by either clearing worlds or win the bonus games in the kingdom.

Kingdom Builder

This has to be our favourite mode in the super Mario run mod apk version.

  • You can design the kingdom according to your creativity. To customise the kingdom, you can use the collected coins earned from the world tour and toad rally modes.
  • For the better customization of the kingdom, get all the toads who had cheered all the way in the toad rally mode.
  • You can choose from the 100 items to decorate and customise your kingdom.

All the content from the game you can unlock it for free and also you do not have to spend any real dollars to get the worlds.

Super Mario Run Apk Mod Download & Installation

While the game is third party application, the super Mario run mod apk is compatible with all Android versions and devices. For the successful installation, you will have to make some changes in the device settings which we will guide you to do so from the instruction manual provided in the below segment.

Download Mod Apk

  • Foremost, if you have the original version of the game, you will have to uninstall it. Now start the super Mario run apk mod download from the direct download link provided here.

super mario run mod apk download link

Change Settings

  • If you are downloading the apk file on the PC, you can later transfer the file to the Android device with the USB cable. For the successful installation, you will have to make the changes in the Android settings. Open the settings> security> unknown sources. Enable the option of unknown sources.

unknown sources

Follow Steps

  • After the apk file is downloaded, you can open the file and then read the terms and conditions. Click on I AGREE and proceed to the install tab

Click on Install

  • Click on the install tab and then the installation process will start soon.

APK Installed

  • The installation of the super Mario run mod apk will be done within minutes, depending on the data speed connection.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk (Video Features)


The super Mario run game is already popular, but the super Mario run mod apk has become more popular than the original gameplay. The super Mario run apk mod download link is very safe and secure to open on any Android device. You can share the post with your friends on the social networking sites like Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.

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