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Marvel Avengers Academy Mod Apk Free Download 2018

All the Marvel superheroes have somewhere occupied the space in the people’s heart- grown up or the child. To customise and train them has to be the dream of the people and therefore at the Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk, you can make your dream come true. Read the entire post to know what the Avengers’ Academy apk mod is all about and how you can download and install on the Android OS.

About Marvel Avengers Academy Mod Apk

Everyone likes superheroes, and they have become the part of our imagination and dreams, in fact, some of them have idolised them. At the Marvels Academy, the superheroes are trained and built to meet the expectations of the people. After the success and popularity of the Marvel Avengers team, the makers have launched the game based indirectly on the characters from the comic book of the Marvel Avengers.  The Marvel Avengers Academy game allows the player to play any of the favourite superhero characters and have to be as the college students.

Marvel Avengers Academy Mod Apk download

The Marvel Avengers Academy is developed by TinyCo for the smartphone users. In the game, you can build the Academy for the Avengers, train them and then get them into the battle against the super villains. While some of the superheroes are available easily from the start of the game, others you have to unlock them with the in-app purchases. While some of the players can afford the payments the game developers ask for to unlock the features, many of other players do not indulge in making the payment for the real dollars. For those who like to get all those locked features without spending the real dollars, we have the real deal for you.

The developer team has come up with the Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk for the Android users. The Avengers Academy apk mod is the modded version for the Android OS and to download on the device; you will have to make use of the direct download link provided in the post instead of looking on the Google play store. The Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk allows you unlock all the superheroes and other locked features for free. The modded version of the game is compatible with every Android version and device, without any hustle. The short description of the Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk is just the introduction of what the benefits it has to offer to the players.

Features of Marvel Avengers Academy Mod Apk

Rather than features, get used to calling them benefits because they are more than features. Here we have shared and discuss the key features which we have enjoyed a lot, though there are many other benefits to look for in the Marvel Avengers Academy.

  • You can get the Thor from the early stage but unlock only when you are ready to deal with Thor character.
  • In the Gamma District level, you can unlock the Hulk and Tigra. All you need to do is clear the time fog.
  • With the character finder, you can find the character from the Academy with the location.
  • You can either increase or decrease the head of the character with the Bobble head resizer.
  • For the better UI, the improvements are made on the Avengers Academy apk mod.
  • All the bugs are fixed, and the advanced improvements are made in the game.

These are the significant features of the Avengers Academy apk mod though you can now explore more about the game after the installation on the Android OS.

Install & Download Marvel Avengers Academy Mod Apk

For the successful installation of the Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk, there are certain changes to be made on the Android device settings. For the Avengers Academy apk mod download, we have attached the direct download link here which is safe and secure to open on any Android device. Follow the guidelines from the instruction manual and make sure you do not miss any otherwise you can encounter the trouble.

Uninstall App

  • First of all, take the back up of the game from the original version and then uninstall it from the Android device. If you do not have the one, skip the step.

Download Mod Apk

  • Now start the download Avengers Academy apk mod from the direct download link given here.

Marvel Avengers Academy Mod Apk download link

Unable Unknown Sources

  • For the successful installation, make the changes in the device settings. Open settings> security> unknown sources. Enable the option of the unknown sources.

unable sources

Transfer Apk

  • If you are downloading the apk file on the PC or laptop, make sure you transfer the file to the Android device with the USB cable. Other procedure has to be done on the Android device but not on PC.

Follow Steps

  • After the apk file is downloaded, open the file and then read the terms and conditions. Click on I AGREE and then proceed to the install tab.

Installed Mod Apk

  • Click on the install tab and let the installation procedure start. Within minutes, the Avengers Academy apk mod will be installed on the device, depending on the data speed connection.

How To Install Marvel Avengers Academy Mod Apk


The Avengers Academy apk mod is the best way to enjoy the entire game without any glitches or limitations. The intention to develop Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk is to provide the complete access of the game to the players but not to overlook the hard work of the developer team of the original version. You can share the post with your friends on the social networking sites like Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

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