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GBwhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version For Free 2018

It is not difficult to install or download the GBwhatsapp APK for free on the Android device. There are lot many updates and versions of the GBwhatsapp, yet we have provided the GBwhatsapp APK latest version for the Android device so that our users get to know about the add-on features in the GBwhatsapp. Here are the best modded whatsapp 2018 only for you.

About GBWhatsapp Apk Download 2018

When was the last time you got bored with the whatsapp UI? Maybe in the last minute when you must have checked the message on the app. Several whatsapp users are now complaining about the UI being either annoying or has become too fussy. The features too have become dull, and therefore we have the users who are installing the whatsapp modded application on the Android device. We are thankful to the developers who have built the app for the Android users at least, to enjoy the best benefits of the whatsapp modded versions.

In the web, you will come across several whatsapp modded applications like OGwhatsapp, blue whatsapp, etc. Among all the modded whatsapp for the Android, GBwhatsapp has become popular and is currently ranking at the top in the modded version of the list. GBwhatsapp is the modded application for Android users where you have several customization options, and even you can change the settings which are not available in the official whatsapp.

GBwhatsapp apk 2017

The reason why the GBwhatsapp is an Android application because the Android is the open source operating system platform; certain changes in the device settings allow you to install the app from the other market sources. It is not always necessary to root the device to install the third party applications; some applications demand the changes in the device settings for the smooth functioning and to be compatible with the device.

GBwhatsapp is the third party application which can be downloaded from the third party download link or software. There are whatsapp modded applications which ask you to first uninstall the official whatsapp first for the successful installation of the modded version; here it is not required. Which means you can operate two or dual whatsapp accounts including the official whatsapp. In the next segment, you can check out the features which will give you the perfect insight about the GBwhatsapp APK latest version.

Features of GBWhatsapp Apk 2018

If anything is fascinating about the GBwhatsapp APK latest version, then it has to be the features which will provide the insights of the application. Even though the GBwhatsapp is the modded application, you will be surprised to know what the application offers to the users; the performance is above expectation. Check out the features given below:

  • Changing the themes on a daily basis is fun when you have the unique themes to choose from the themes library.
  • You can completely customise the app as per your convenience. In fact, it has a lot more modification options compare to the whatsapp plus.
  • The privacy settings are more rigid, unlike the other modded whatsapp applications.
  • In the GBwhatsapp APK latest version, you have add-on feature of audio and video calling.
  • There is a new feature where you can upload the stories for 24 hours, sharing the HD videos or images.
  • There are new and updated emojis
  • At the moment, you can send 90 images to several contacts.
  • It is a multi-lingual application. The GBwhatsapp APK latest version supports 50 languages.
  • If you want to add the contact in the particular group, you do not have to request or send the contact to the group admin; instead, you can send the whatsapp group link to that contact to join.
  • You can broadcast messages at once up to 200 contacts.
  • The GBwhatsapp APK latest version has the inbuilt security which means you can lock the whatsapp chats without the support of secondary locking application.
  • From the list of the features, you can observe that GBwhatsapp APK latest version is the most potential modded whatsapp application.

These are just the key features of the GBwhatsapp APK latest version which is proved to be the most beneficial alternative to the whatsapp users. GBwhatsapp APK is the best-modded application in the list of the top whatsapp modded apps for the Android OS.

Download GBWhatsapp Apk

It doesn’t matter which Android device you are using or what Android version you have in it because the GBwhatsapp APK latest version is compatible with every Android device and versions. You will not find the GBwhatsapp in the Google play store because it is the APK file; therefore it is the third party application.

Installation Steps of GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version

To download the GBwhatsapp for free, you will have to take the help of side loaders i.e. third-party download links and also you will have to make sure you have done the changes in the device settings. Check out the complete GBwhatsapp APK free download guidelines.

Download Link

  • Foremost, start the GBwhatsapp APK free download from the direct link provided here.

Direct GBWhatsapp Download Link

Change Device Settings

  • Until the APK file is getting downloaded, you can make the changes in the device settings. Open settings> security> unknown sources. Enable the option of the unknown sources for the successful installation of the GBwhatsapp.

unable unknown sources

Find APK

  • After the GBwhatsapp APK is downloaded, open the app and locate the install tab.

Click on Install Button

  • Click on it and start the installation of the GBwhatsapp APK latest version.

began installation

Done in Few Seconds

  • The installation will be done within few minutes, depending on the data speed.

Launch GBWhatsapp APK

  • After the installation, you can launch the GBwhatsapp APK latest version and start using the app just like you would use the original whatsapp. Right from the contact number verification to sending the messages to anyone; everything is same, yet GBwhatsapp is unique.

How to Install GBWhatsapp APK? (Video Steps)

Screenshots of GBWhatsapp APK 2018

gbwhatsapp welcome screen

gbwhatsapp home icongbwhatsapp apk info gbwhatsapp welcome screen


The GBwhatsapp APK latest version is the best thing that has happened to the Android users; at least they have the alternative to the whatsapp. The GBwhatsapp APK free download is safe and secure to open in the Android devices. You can share the post with your friends on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google.