Music is in the blood of the youth today. With the world coming down to an internet revolution, everyone looks for everything at their fingertip. People of all ages have now started using YouTube widely for listening to music. But don’t you wish there were some edits and changes in YouTube that might help you explore more! Hence we introduce OG YouTube an amazing contemporary version of YouTube. OGYouTube comes with this amazing additional features that gives the user to freedom to download the videos on YouTube directly without going through the hassles of visiting other websites and downloading the videos externally.

OGYouTube is an android application, which you can download on your android phone and use it to download YouTube videos on your phone. The features that you have wanted to do on YouTube but have not been added by official application, are now available on OG YouTube. Not only does it allow you to download the file, it gives the liberty to download it in whichever format you want, so you can use it both as an audio and video file.

OGYouTube Downloader For Android 2017

In this article, we will talk about how to download OG YouTube. Most times we all have unlimited high speed streaming data available, since the world is becoming more and more advanced when it comes to the internet speed. However, sometimes we all do face a situation where we don’t have internet and we want to listen to our YouTube Playlist- in such times having your playlist downloaded on your phone using the OG YouTube helps. OG downloader comes to your rescue for this! You can also try our other shared best youtube downloader for android mobile 2018.

OGYouTube Latest Version 4.5 Free Download 2018

ogyoutube apk download 2017

This article will explain about the OG downloader – which will help you to download videos in different resolutions and formats- be it audio or video. Not just the fact on how to download OG YouTube but it also talks about the features of the amazing OG YouTube. OG downloader is an easy to download application, with an easy installation and can be also uninstalled as effortlessly as it can installed. If you wants to download youtube videos online then you can move on to this link youtube video download online websites 2018.

OGYouTube Introductions

We all know already that YouTube is the best website to watch videos and listen to music. Not only music, but it also has very diverse and versatile collection of videos catering to a population of different age group and geography and choice. OG YouTube allows these YouTube users to browse from millions of videos and to take them on their phone effortlessly. You can even download the youtube videos on pc by using ogyoutube for pc.

OG downloader also has a search option that allows you to browse from the plethora of video and download them on the phone. All of this you can enjoy and without having to pay any money. Download OG YouTube and enjoy music/videos on your phone without having to pay any money. You can also download multiple youtube videos by following this tutorial on online multi youtube video downloader 2018.

What is OG YouTube?

OG YouTube is an android mobile application that allows the users to download the YouTube videos to their phone. Not only this, it also allows you a lot of other features, as it is supported with multiple versions of android. OG downloader can be downloaded on all version of android starting from Marshmallow to Lollipop. If you are looking for iPhone or iPad version of this app then check out this OGYouTube for iOS devices 2018. You can even use this app on Macbook by following the link of OG YouTube Apk Download For Mac PC 2018.

Download videos, audios of different resolutions and enjoy doing other things on this application. It is a very seamlessly easy application, with a very user friendly interface, and one can browse through the application effortlessly. Enjoy your favourite videos in various resolutions once you download OG YouTube.

About OGYouTube App

One of the major reason why one is attracted towards the OG YouTube is the liberty to download and watch your favourite videos on your android phone as and when you like. The video download process is quite easy and fast. How the client works is it is a YouTube client and that is how it allows you to download multiple YouTube videos on the android device.

OG downloader is ideally a modified version of the original YouTube with amazing features that the original YouTube application does not have. There was a new version released in January 2016- the v1.2 which was originally available on a Beta version.

Download OG YouTube to enjoy unlimited videos on your android phone. Here are some of the great features that you can avail when you download OG YouTube.

Amazing Features of the OGYouTube App

Download Videos

Download OG YouTube and log into your account. Enjoy your favourite videos, playlists, songs, and many more!

Multiple Tasks

multi tasking

Allows you to toggle between multiple tasks, by playing the video in a small pop up window while you perform tasks in other screens

HD Quality Videos

The quality of the videos on OGYouTube app range from 140p – 1440p

High Quality Videos

OGDownloader allows you to download videos in the quality of your choice, with high quality video download up to 60 PFS

ogyoutube hd video quality

Download Audio File

In case you want to download only an audio file you have the leverage to use OGYouTube and download it in mp3 format

Rename Files

Not only can you download the file, but also rename it as per your liking

Multiple Files

OGDownloader allows to download multiple files at a time

ogyoutube multiple files download


If you face any problem finding the files downloaded from OG YouTube they are saved in a separate folder “OGDownloader”

What are the OGYouTube Apk Requirements?

One thing that you should note about the OG downloader is that it does not have any specific unusual system requirements. The ideal requirements for the OG YouTube are:

  • You require an Android device with an OS 4.1+ for Jelly Bean and above
  • You will also require an active internet connection and/or Wi-Fi to download videos
  • There are no further requirements for the device to download OG YouTube.

How to Download OG YouTube in Your Android?

It is known that this OGYouTube app is actually made for the Android platform you cannot find it on the Google Play Store since it is not available in the Google Play Store market. OG downloader is not available on Google Play Store hence the apk should be installed manually.

Download OGYouTube Apk

Hence you first need to fetch the appropriate apk file to download OG YouTube. There are multiple websites from where you can download the appropriate apk for OG downloader. OG YouTube download it for free on the computer and or the android device. At the bottom we have shared the link to download this application.

OG YouTube Apk Latest Version Download Links

> OGYouTube 12.10.60-4.5U <


Other Versions:

Latest Version Information:

License Free
Android Version 4.1+
Author OGMods
Size 42.98 MB
Downloads 1000000+
Updated Date June 10, 2017

Transfer Apk From Desktop To Android

Once the apk file is downloaded you can transfer the file from the desktop to the android phone.

Turn On Unknown Sources

You will now need to Security Settings-> Go ochange the settings as the apk is from an unknown source. n and turn on the ‘Unknown Source’ to enable installing the apk from a third party source.

turn on unknown sources

Install Apk

Once all this is done you can start the installation process for the OG downloader.

Open OG YouTube

OG YouTube once installed the application comes on the home screen and it opens with the click of the icon.

use ogyoutube application

Frequently Asked Questions for OG YouTube FAQ’s

There are some frequently asked questions for the OG downloader that are documented in this article that you need to know about how to download OG YouTube. If there are any further questions apart from the ones mentioned below, you can also write to us for any more information on how to download OG YouTube.

  1. What if the background play is not working for the phone?
    • Sometimes this option is disabled in some devices. Hence you need to go to the settings and make changes so that your device supports the background play.
  2. What is there are problems signing into the account?
    • This might be some problem with the behind the scenes application, and there are some solutions mentioned on the internet. Though there are developers working on this problem to be resolved. Check out this to know more about fixing ogyoutube not working error in 2018.
  3. How to enable the double tap option in order to close the video on the screen?
    • Once you download OG YouTube you need to go to the settings and change it, so the files work for media in the devices.
  4. Does OG downloader support the ART?
    • The ART is supported once you download OG YouTube.
  5. Why does the background play not work on the device?
    1. YouTube has quite a few video players like EXO and MDX. Unless the device has MDX player, the videos won’t be supported to play in the background.

OGYouTube Videos

OGYouTube Download & Install Guidelines


Once you download OG YouTube not only can you watch the videos, but you can also download them and share them. The world of YouTube is full with amazing videos and music, a lot of informative stuff is also available too. Once you download OG YouTube you will see how the world becomes available at your fingertips even during the lack of internet connection.

Not only can you download OG YouTube on your android phone, but also on your laptop and your tablet. There are innumerable opportunities and also an amazing Photoshop tutorial which you get without any cost when you download OG YouTube.

In case you have limited internet access, or the website restrictions in your office stop you from accessing your favourite YouTube videos, you can easily avail it when you download OG YouTube.

The OG YouTube is also much faster, easy to access and has an amazing and easy to process and download on your favourable device options.

OG YouTube Reviews!


OGYouTube Apk Reviews: When it comes to the basic features, OG YouTube is similar to the normal YouTube application. However, the difference is in the screen play that the application provides, where the users have the unique option to download the video that they are watching. You can watch the video on the application and also download it to your android phone or laptop while watching it.

Moreover, you do not need a log in account for this, without the hassle of creating an account, you can download OG YouTube and enjoy the amazing features mentioned in this article that can be used once you have the OG YouTube to your account.

One of the most amazing applications ever created as a contemporary of the YouTube application, to watch and download videos from the internet. Not only is this a very useful application, it also has one of the highest ratings for its uniqueness for the application which you can download to the videos on android.

One of the possible problems with the application is that it is not available on the iOS market, hence it also becomes a premium application for the android market. It is expected that the developers are working on making it available for the windows and the iPhone market, at the earliest possible opportunity.

This is all the information required for the OG YouTube application, its uses, its features, how to download and other information required for the same. Hope it will be useful to you. In case you have any more questions or any more additional information to be added to this article feel free to contact us.